issue VW 2024 sp5 Enscape 4.011

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  • Maybe, there is a problem in installation Enscape and VW 2024 sp5.

    Both, win and mac, disable any tool to draw: lines, circles, rectangles and so on...

    I've had to restore to Factory settings on PC and all was ok.

    After installing Enscape, I had same problem. Then I tried to unistall Enscape and VW start to works correctly. The same on mac!

    I never, never, never had this issue.

    So, please, could you help me?

    Thank you


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    Hi Toscano , thanks for your further post.

    In general and especially since you are trying to use Enscape for Mac here please kindly reach out to our dedicated technical support team ideally via the support button itself if possible: How do I contact Support?

    Feel free to just copy-paste what you have written here and feel free to also attach any additional screenshots showcasing this behavior.

    Just if the support button may not work for you please make use of the Help Center instead, as per the linked post above as well.

    You will then be assisted very soon thereafter. Thank you once more in advance for the cooperation!