Laptop Requirements

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  • Hi! I need some help.

    I found out after purchasing Enscape that my laptop driver does not support the software. I am overdue for a new laptop anyway. Could someone recommend me some specific laptops that support Enscape?

    Thank you!

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    Hi kayla_1658 , welcome to our Forum.

    While others here may want to chime in with more specific recommendations or even a specific model, allow me to also share our (Windows) system requirements in general for you to refer to in case you weren't aware yet:…base/system-requirements/

    And those regarding Enscape for Mac just in case:…ystem-requirements-macos/

    In that regard I myself use a Lenovo ThinkPad (P1 G6) with a dedicated RTX 4070, but there really are so many models out there that I would say it also depends on your preferences when it comes to battery life vs. display size, or even the design and general appearance of it.

    Still in case of any more specific questions or perhaps in case there is a specific budget you can share for reference let us know!