New Preview Version

  • 2018-12-12

    Textured reflections

    When you set render quality to Ultra you will see textures in your off-screen reflections. Previously, the surfaces were uniformly colored.

    Improved outlines

    Outlines no longer scale with your resolution. This means that with a higher resolution, the outlines will be thicker in terms of pixels.

    Also you won't see outlines around grass and vegetation objects anymore.

    Tags in AssetLibrary

    You can use tags to find the asset you are looking for much faster.

    Safeframe Indicator

    Once you enable this setting the first command to render an image activates the safeframe and the second command actually starts rendering.

    Shadow / Highlight Slider

    Similar to Photoshop, you can now tune the tonemapping via two sliders to add or remove brightness at certain regions.

  • Nice new features!

    Two quick remarks:

    - I'm still seeing the old outlines behavior. See images in attachment. One is 4k, other is window resolution. Notice how the lines are thinner and some lines are not showing up in 4k.

    - You forgot to mention the new contrast settings (highlights and shadows). [edit[ Just did a very quick test and this awesome! Incredibly useful. Any chance we could get a bit of a higher range than +/-100%? The sky is still being blocked out in some of our shots.

  • Thanks for the hint towards shadow contrast. We will check.

    Hm I see that the images are not 100% identical when you downsample the 4K, but it's very close (and much closer than before). We will see if we can get closer here.

  • Hm I see that the images are not 100% identical when you downsample the 4K, but it's very close (and much closer than before). We will see if we can get closer here.

    It's definitely better but not quite where we'd hoping it would be :) For example: around the bar area you can see the geometry becomes hard to read in the picture in 4k while it's very clear in the picture with the outlines. Thanks for taking a second look at this! I understand you get a lot of requests so much appreciated!

  • We expect to get a fully realistic mirror reflection

  • Yes, it helps with dark shadows

  • I am noticing some odd lighting artifacts when switching to Polystyrol.

    Attached is the same model, just switched modes from White to Polystyrol. I don't believe this was an issue last release. It occurs at several other places, and in several other models. I've made sure there are not gaps or apparent joins (two elements butting up to each other).

    What it "looks" like to me, is the ambient light behaving differently. In these early models, we don't have any lighting yet, so Enscape's ambient light is used heavily.

    On a side note, the ambient lighting is MUCH better in this release. I'd rather have to keep our early models on White (instead of the typical Polystyrol we've been doing) than go back to the old ambient lighting.

  • DraftingDave Walls get transmissive in "Polystyrol Mode". You can control the level of transmission via the named slider.

    If you experience light bleeding in general, please check if there are any gaps in your geometry and try to increase wall thickness.

  • Just tested the newest build. Not sure whether outlines got further improvements or not, but I'm still seeing disappearing lines and inconsistent thicknesses. See a comparison in attachment of

    - screengrab of enscape window (which has the best looking outlines)

    - export at window resolution

    - export at 4k