Sun Slider / Enscape Settings

  • hello everybody - yes I´m stupid 8o but I admit not to have understood yet what the Sun slider does - What is it for????
    When I move it to the far left, about 0% to 15%, I recognize: shadows off and shadows on. This is so fiddly that I don't notice if about 7% would be something inbetween these two states.

    I would love to control the shadow density here over the entire slider range - but that's probably not the point here? You see, I have no idea.
    So for me a simple On - Off switch would already be sufficient (;)fun only) - but really: what are the remaining 85% for, except to produce any cruel strangely lit overexposures?

    Another question in this context is: This strange sun slider only reacts when I use standard sun. But as soon as I use a HDRI light (you call it SkyBox), there is not the slightest reaction between black and white anymore.

    These circumstances lead to the fact that I can not generate exterior renders with a balanced light-shadow ratio, but only much too high contrast renders with much too dark shadows. - And, to stay in this picture: I am happy about any help that illuminates me here ;) At the moment I render everything 2 times, once with the too dark shadow and a 2nd time without any shadows. These two images I then have to adjust in Photoshop - quite stupid, isn't it? :/:/

    :?:I assume to have, besides enough others, another malfunction here, which doesn't let me recognize this sun slider´s function.

  • Hey EGIE , thanks for your post. ;)

    The sun slider generally regulates the brightness of the sun and affects the contrast of the sun shadows. If you've activated "Auto Exposure" and even set the Sun brightness to something high like 400%, the scene should get rather bright, but not overexposed. Also, generally, if you'd rather like to just insert a value for our sliders instead of using your mouse, let me know!


    But as soon as I use a HDRI light (you call it SkyBox), there is not the slightest reaction between black and white anymore.

    Pardon, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that, could you kindly elaborate on that a bit further?

    Finally, I strongly recommend you check out our latest preview, as we've just implemented a "Highlights" and "Shadows" slider. The "Highlights" slider scales the visibility of bright image regions to partially increase or decrease the image contrast, the "Shadows" slider does the same, with dark image regions. Might this already be sufficient enough so that you don't have to use Photoshop for post processing purposes? :)

    Also, if you have any further questions or in case something is still unclear to you, let me know!

  • Thanks Demian - by chance, I installed the latest preview today ;-) interesting new settings but complicated like a clockwork ;) I must still develop a feeling for theese much lighting interactions - what influences what etc..

    Hey - Wouldn't the light-shadow theme be worth making an explanatory videotut? - completely without cool cuts and needless video accessory? - it is always good to see how experienced people, who achieve good results, proceed.

    This could preserve users from making mistakes for months... Please!!!

    I'll keep struggling with it !!! ;);)

    what I meant with "black and white" above - when i use HDRI lighting, I just get too dark shadows so far, colmpetely unusable results - the sun slider shows no render/lighting reaction - so my question is: what is it for and what does it do or for what is it intended?!?!? - and yes!!!!! All sliders react many seconds later and very inaccurately - So in any case: Yes to Numeric input !! +1+1+1+1 ;-)

    once again - sometimes simply please presses the screencapture button :)

  • Hey EGIE , pardon for my delayed response. :)

    We generally plan to create more videos about Enscape alongside SketchUp and other CAD applications, explaining and showing the different functionalities. We're on it and thanks a lot for your feedback!

    Furthermore, the Sun slider changes the brightness of the sun and the contrasts of the sun shadows as mentioned. Pardon but, even if you put the sun slider to 0%, you do not see any render/lighting reaction what so ever? Once the slider is set to 0, you should not have any sun shadows or sunlight in your project anymore, setting it to 500% for example, should result in a rather sunny and bright scene. I like to move the slider to the right in projects which benefit from a summery output, a beach house would be an example for that.

    Also, to increase the brightness of your shadows (while a HDRI skybox is loaded), I can advice you click "Normalize brightness" in the same tab and move the slider to the right to increase its value. Alongside that, if you move the "Shadows" slider to the left to decrease its value you should achieve brighter shadows as well.

    Finally, I've happily given the corresponding feature request on our agenda to allow numeric input for our slider bars a further upvote through your voice. :)