Check our Enscape 2.8 development agenda!

  • Planned functionalities and improvements to be included in Enscape 2.8 (ETA: End of June):

    • More Languages - After we added German as second language, there will also be French, Spanish
      and Italian to choose while installing or to switch to afterwards.
    • Internal Collaboration - Create and review issues for your project within Enscape. Save them locally,
      export them or synchronize with a cloud tool.
    • Revit 2021 Support - Full Revit 2021 support.
    • Animated Vegetation - Create even more realistic renderings with animated grass and trees depending on the wind settings.
    • Views for ArchiCAD - View Management will be available for ArchiCAD including linking Views to
      Presets, (batch) rendering and favorite views.
    • Asset Library for Vectorworks - The Enscape Asset Library, including all Assets, will be available when using Vectorworks.
    • Asset Library Additions - More than 200 assets will be added to the Asset Library including hospital requisites, more planting and a variety of cloth.
    • Stretch Goal: Custom Asset Library Import and tweak your own assets to be displayed and usable locally within Enscape Asset Library.

    We also offer Enscape Preview Versions at the Enscape download page. These usually include a few unreleased features, so feel free to please share any feedback with us! :)

    Please be aware that this development agenda may include functionalities and features which will not find their way into Enscape 2.8 either due to time or resource reasons.

    Updated: March 2020