"Allways onTop" Renderwindow

  • Especially if you are working on narrow monitor space, for example only on a notebook monitor, I think it would be good to offer an "Allways onTop" option for the Enscape Render Window - perhaps because I'm used to that from other renderers ;)

    The side-by-side option of SkUp and Enscape on a small monitor is quite fiddly and doesn't do justice to both applications, especially not to the SkUp use.
    Only to give you an impression, I´ll add a typical shaderlight render situation, screenshoted on my notebook: The Renderpreview window is constantly running in "Always on Top" mode, as if Enscape´s "Synchronize Views" were enabled. Since I am in a SU working and editing session, the render window is very small, doesn't bother too much and allows working within SkUp.

  • Hey EGIE , this has already been requested before a few times so it's filed as a feature request on our agenda. :) I've happily given the topic a further upvote through your voice! ;)

  • EGIE , it's okay, you probably just haven't read the corresponding thread(s) in which this has been asked. :)