Enscape is rendering Revit materials wrong

  • I have been creating maps in Photoshop which I then use to create materials in Revit. I realize that because the material is going through different applications that it may look different in Photoshop vs Revit vs Enscape. However; I have a material that I created in Photoshop which I saved out as a jpeg that I have 2 copies of; one is named 'IF_SL_RESYSTA BAMBOO_JAVA' and the other is named 'IF_SL_RESYSTA BAMBOO_JAVA_L' and they are rendering completely different in Enscape. The one named 'IF_SL_RESYSTA BAMBOO_JAVA_L' is rendering much lighter than the former. I am not sure if there are other naming filters (like when you add '_grass' Enscape will render the material as grass) that I am unaware of, or if there is another problem.

    I have also tried turning up the brightness in Photoshop to try to fix the map and get my material to render lighter in Enscape, but the material came out darker?!?!

    Help! What am I doing wrong?

  • The rest of your images do look identical in surrounding areas. What is the reason for having two materials that are supposed to be the same? What does the _L reference for you that makes it different from the IF_SL_RESYSTA BAMBOO_JAVA? Is the second one a larger resolution or something? I don't know all the name filters enscape can use besides grass either.

  • kelly.mc The material settings, the different textures and the enscape settings for each shot would be of interest.

    I presume that the color/tint of the used textures differ.

    Is it possible that you share the project file via support@enscape3d.com for some analysis?