Web Standalone Not Working

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  • Hi all,

    I have been trying to use the export to a web standalone and am having some issues. When I click the export button, it seems to begin the process and opens the Enscape window in the browser, but that is as far as the process gets. I set the project up to export overnight to see if it was just a long export time, but when I checked in on it this morning, the Enscape loading screen (in the browser) was still up and the loading bar was still empty. Am I maybe missing something in the process? Anyone else having issues with this as well?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    • Official Post

    Hey justink , thanks a lot for your post and welcome to our forum. First off, is this problem persisting when you export a web standalone with our latest release? If you're already using our latest release, could you please send me the link to the web standalone (found in the browser)? Also, how big is your project and is this behavior reproducible with other projects as well?

    In addition to that, could you please send us some feedback, and please include your forum name in the submission form as well.

  • Demian Gutberlet -

    I am on the current release. Here is the link to the web standalone I have been working with: https://api2.enscape3d.com/v1/…10-4a70-9e96-64bc92d6ecb9.

    The Revit file is at 117 MB.

    I had tried to upload a previous project we worked on at a similar file size but had the same result. I also opened a new project, placed 4 walls and attempted to export to the web standalone and had the same issue: stuck on the Enscape loading screen.

    • Official Post

    Hey justink , pardon for not asking earlier, are you perchance using Internet Explorer as your default browser, because that would explain this behavior at hand, as IE experiences issues most of the time when it comes to viewing our Web Standalones.

    In this case, could you please try a different browser to view your exported project to see if this may help? If it does, I may suggest you also set your default browser to, (for example, Chrome or Firefox) any browser which allows you to view our Web Standalones without problems, so that you can just hit the export button via Enscape and it'll automatically open in the set browser once uploaded.

    In case you're not successful with a different browser, like Chrome or Firefox, please kindly get back to me and let me know which graphics card you're using Enscape with and the driver version as well for further troubleshooting purposes.