Asset Library and Online Viewer Included for Free?

  • Hey renderwiz , these functionalities are indeed included as part of the base subscription cost, and both of these functionalities are already available in our latest release. Just to make sure, with "Online Viewer" you're referring to our web standalone feature? :)

    There are no extra fees alongside the normal subscription cost, although we may look into something like providing even more web-space (used for web standalones, panoramas) for a certain fee in the future.

  • Thank you.

    I was referring to the web standalone feature... when I first tested that I thought I read that it was a beta service and the language seemed to imply there would be a cost in the future. If you are saying that service is intended to remain included, for no additional fee, that is great news.

    Regarding the assets... I suspected they would remain free, just wanted to be sure.