VR headsets, confused...

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  • Hello fellow enscape users,

    I'm new to VR and would like to buy a headset. Unfortunally the HTC vive pro doesn't seem to be available as a complete set anywhere in the EU. However, for me to start with VR, viewing panorama's would be sufficient. So i could consider just buying the Oculus Go, but it seems this is not a good set when you wear glasses. Difficult to put on and you get scratched glasses... Maybe the Quest is better but we don't know yet.

    So i was thinking to buy the HTC vive pro headset without base stations and controllers (the headset is easy available). Is it possible to use the HTC vive pro seated just for viewing pano's?

    ty !

  • Hey xxl , you can indeed view your panoramas on the HTC Vive (pro) while in seated mode, not directly through Enscape, but after you save and import the corresponding panorama file into this viewing application (for example):


    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!