Intel HD 520 Graphics Cards

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  • Is there any plan to support these in the near future?

    Model works great to walk around, just see that the export button is grayed out:(...

    Please let me know- thanks!

    • Official Post

    Hey ericb , thanks a lot for your post and welcome to our forum.

    Unfortunately, the Intel graphics chip you're making use of is not officially supported by Enscape. Enscape may sometimes work on Intel chips, but this seems to be a largely random occurrence. Intel graphics cards are just too slow for Enscape to run smoothly, although we do intend on improving Intel compatibility sometime in the future.

    Furthermore, if I understand you correctly, you're able to use Enscape with the Intel HD 520, but cannot export a standalone? The standalone feature is the only feature disabled during trial mode (if you're not in trial mode, please kindly let me know to troubleshoot the cause behind this, and make sure that Enscape has been started beforehand because otherwise you cannot export screenshots, videos, standalones etc.) - the reason is simply that too many architects would download the trial, export every single one of their projects as a standalone, put them on their website and not contact us afterwards.

    However, you can always have a look at our example standalone files on the bottom of our gallery, you can watch the export process in this tutorial on Youtube - or, if you'd like to try it yourself, you can always purchase a monthly subscription for only $45. In case you don't like it, you can always cancel it after that one month. Alongside that I also recommend you switch to a different machine or implement a dedicated graphics card into your current machine should that be possible. Even though Enscape may work with your Intel chip right now, that may not always be the case. If you require graphics card recommendations, let me know! :)