• Happy New Year one and all!

    Back at the coal face, and keen to push on ideas allowed to brew over the winter break... so I fire up Revit and launch Enscape to export a web standalone, curious what I'll find...

    And, aside from learning Edge doesn't support WebGL2 (quelle surprise!) - and that in-browser (Chrome) we don't yet-get the saved-view flyouts... very impressed.

    BUT (and this is a biggy) where is the file? Because, I just so happened to have used a project that's NDA to test (slap my wrists now) and need it pulled... Is there a client-accessible library of some kind I can manage? I can't imagine you want to be hosting everyone's junk?

    Apologies if this is all in the FAQ - this is my knee-jerk go-to-place.

  • The idea of having potentially hundreds or thousands of links out there of outdated Enscape views (panoramas, Web standalones,etc.) kind of worries me. I'm toying with the idea of using a link manager (bit.ly and/or QR code managers) or something like that to manage the distributed links that our clients or contractors use to access the Enscape views. In the near future, I figure more of our construction drawings will reference these Enscape views with QR codes on the drawings themselves. Being able to update where those point to will be important.