Oculus Quest & HTC Vive Cosmos

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  • Hi,

    I've seen, that there was an attempt to open the topic about Oculus Quest, and that there was not a lot to say.

    But now it seems that the tendency is moving to the stand-alone devices. I guess, Oculus Quest and HTC Cosmos are only the beginning. Soon will come Hololens 2.

    Is there any certainty in the developer's team about whether Enscape is going to adapt to such devices? I can only imagine, how hard it is to make such adaptations and I have no intention to put any pressure on the developers. But any definite information would be very helpful, as I'm trying to define, which newly coming hardware makes more sence to work on with.



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    Hey Andrii Mogylnyi , thanks a lot for your post. :)

    First off, I've filed two dedicated feature requests to support both the Oculus Quest and HTC Cosmos in the future. Furthermore, the Oculus Quest is a standalone device, so it should be able to run our panoramas, probably Web Standalones as well, but there'll be limitations since it cannot be connected to PC to utilize the full power of a dedicated desktop graphics card.

    On the other hand you have the HTC Cosmos, which can be connected to a PC, or a smartphone. Once connected to a PC I don't see any reason so far why it wouldn't be able to run Enscape as possible on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or WMR headsets, but when it comes to using this device with a smartphone, there'll be limitations again of course, but again, our panoramas may run on it without any problems. :)

    So to sum it up, if you want the full Enscape experience, you'll have to go with the HTC Cosmos, but, I cannot make any promises yet whether if or when full support will be added.

    I hope this is helpful to you, if you have any further questions regarding this topic please let me know!

  • Hi @Demian Gutberlet, thank you a lot for your answer. It's exactly, what I was hoping to hear. I am using HTC Vive now and am intending to use the full connection between Rhino, Enscape and VR Glasses further on. So the information about HTC Cosmos is very valuable for me.

    At the same time I am hoping to start using Hololens in the nearby future, and would be glad to know, if you have in agenda any developments for suppoting this device? I have tried one Plug-in "Fologram" for Rhino Grasshopper. It connects Rhino through Grasshopper with Hololens in Real-Time. And it gives some quite interesting new abilites for design processes and presentations.

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    Andrii Mogylnyi , first of, it is on our development agenda and I will therefore up-vote this story on your behalf as well. :)

    I cannot yet give you any specific information regarding a Enscape for Hololens implementation, but should there be enough demand for it in the future, we'll definitely consider it of course! Finally, would you mind letting me know what your use-case would be regarding the Hololens in combination with Enscape? :) I appreciate your feedback.

  • @Demian Gutberlet, that is inspiring to know, that you take this topic into account.

    Concerning possible implementation of Enscape-Hololens combination: the company, where I work, mostly develops the projects of exhibition stands of all possible scales. Sometimes architecture. And I find it very useful to give the customers a chance to go through the high-quality rendered 3D Model of their project directly in the real environment ( the exhibition hall or the street). I guess it would mean to take out the environment or make it invisible. And there should be a possibility to controll the origin point. I don't know how far it is possible within Enscape, but that's the way, that I can imagine.

  • We have been using the HTC Cosmos with Enscape and wrote about it here: https://bimchapters.blogspot.c…-for-htc-vive-cosmos.html

    I have had some issues with the controllers being different... seems like an easy fix? :) And then a recent support ticket submitted where the eye level suddenly gets aligned with the floor level and cannot be changed without closing and re-opening Enscape. This actually happened in a precious version of Enscape and it was fixed in an update, so hopefully this can be corrected soon.

    Speaking of the HoloLens, we have used it in design a lot and would like to see Enscape take a crack at supporting this. Currently, the only tool I know that supports Revit textures into the HoloLens is Fuzor. Here is a blog post I wrote two years ago on our first project: https://bimchapters.blogspot.c…in-architecture-case.html


    Dan Stine