Decal shows well but with reflexion

  • Hi,

    I use the decal way of show specific graphic in the Enscape and it's great !

    The only thing so far that is annoying is the reflexion in the image in Enscape.

    Here is the params in the Decal window, I kept everything as default :

    Is it only me who gets reflections in the decal or is that an expected situation ?

  • Hi Bart I've tested decals with the exact same settings and had no reflections. The Finish "Matte" should be the key.

    Have you confirmed your settings and are the live updates active in the Enscape ribbon of Revit?

  • Hi Jonathan, thank for your fast answer.

    I did confirm the setting and update the Enscape view. That was not the problem.

    I found the issue :

    For some reason the parameter that came by default was Matte, as you can see on my screenshot above.

    But the value on the right was 1 (also on the same screenshot)

    I believe now that this value is the reflectivity : 0 for matte, 1 for glossy

    Why revit put 1 with matte on my first Decal : no idea.

    But, I switched to custom and enter 0 as the value, and it came back to Matte with the right value (0).

    That was revit 2016 btw, I didn't test it with the others.

  • Bart okay, I missed the 1 in your settings. This seems to be a bug in Revit 2016 as it's loaded with "Matte" = 1 what results in a glossy look. In Revit 2017 "Matte" is equal 0 by default.