Archicad materials for Enscape

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  • Are there any tutorials for materials adjustments in ArchiCAD for enscape?

    I am NOT interested in those shown above (already have these)… but typically I have materials that look fine in ArchiCAD, but are way too bright in Enscape. Most are TEXTURED materials and most are applied to horizontal surfaces...

    In archiCAD, I can adjust the DIFFUSE and AMBIENT to "darken" the material... and looks fine in ARchiCAD… but it does NOT flow thru to Enscape.

    My PAVERS for example can be manipulated and look fine in archicad.. but are washed out in Enscape… Even if I turn AMBIENT and DIFFUSE down to 0!

    I suppose I can go thru and darken the actual .jpg... but was hoping this could be manipulated as part of the material parameters.

    I also tried lowering the sun intensity in Enscape… Helped a bit... but not near enough...

    Just looking for some "experience" from you all...