I need some opinion to improve my renders. To make more realistic.

  • Nice images, but since you asked:

    You seem to have outlines enabled - this is normally used to make things look less realistic and more "conceptual".

    Everything is 'perfect' - real life has imperfections; not all the chairs are perfectly aligned, not all the plates are perfectly stacked...

    To make it look 'lived in' you need to insert some sign of human habitation; a stray coffee cup, a bunch of keys, an open magazine, a discarded scarf, some 'pocket' items, a discarded kids toy, signs of baking/cooking in the kitchen... (one or two - not all of these.) Or you can add some form of pet... but that can back-fire: if the client is a 'cat' person and you inset a dog.

  • Great work! Your wood textures wrap around 90° corners, you could use a different orientation, those things also usually help. Also, I think the green of the indoor plant is too dark or unsaturated, compare to the outside vegetation in the window.

  • Whith 'realistic' i meen for the lighting, the materials, the shadows of object in the ground or wall etc.

    Does any one upload setting of enscaoe for inetrior. The value of of every thing. Is better to use hdri or rectangle light in windows like in Vray to have more light thet enter from windows. Thanks...

  • The realistic settings in Enscape are the default settings. Everything you modify from that (like the sun brightness) is non realistic. If you want to have a brighter light from outside, you should use a skybox and increase its brightness. An area light at the windows is not a very good idea because it will be noticeable in the reflections that you have an even-colored area light in front of each window.