Video Animation - how to duplicate a keyframe on the timeline? (without changed settings)

  • Hi All - again a stupid question

    how can I duplicate the first camera (or any other keyframe) on the time axis? - so that the movie starts with 4 seconds of a still camera position for example, instead of a promptly moving camera.

    what are the exact steps to click - i tried it 100 times and again i don't find the trick :)

  • ... no one an idea? ;) Maybe my question was wrongly formulated?

    I have already seen video animations where has not changed the position of the keyframe but only the camera´s depth of the field for example.

    Finally this means somehow a copy of the previous keyframe with a changed camera and timeline setting only.

    I can't find the way to do that so I am happy about any help

  • Not a solution, only a suggestion for the future - I would be great if the little triangles of the keys could be drag and moved. From Rhino|Bongo I know this functionality. Also at Bongo I can press the Shift-Button and the selected key is copied instead moved. This functionality would help here.