3DS Max+Enscape?

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    samuelab , thanks a lot for your feedback. :)

    At the moment votes are taken into account from all possible sources and noted internally - that is at least how we handle it at the moment, we're in the process of thinking about how we can further improve this and make it even more user-friendly / transparent. :)

    In the meantime I've gladly also forwarded your upvote of course!

  • +1 for enscape in 3dsmax

    I have years of experience with 3ds Max, and losing the animation side of things by moving to SketchUp would be hugely frustrating.

    Yes, there are decent and poor modellers in any 3d program but most files come from users who aren't aware of hidden issues in geometry creation in packages like Revit and SketchUp. Clean modelling is the basis of any renderer working to its best potential...

    I can see that many users are crying out for this.

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    I agree that there is quite a bit demand for this. Gladly also forwarded your feedback 3dsmax ! :) I can't make any promises, but I can imagine that 3DS Max may be supported in the future and it's just a matter of time.

  • Agreed. Our issue is that we are not permitted the time to use VRay now that directors know how quick Enscape is. And Max has saved my bacon a few times in dealing with Revit models with ever faster turnaround times for finished renders - SketchUp being incapable of importing without major issues. So I will continue to hope!

  • I'm torn. I'd love to be able to use the site context stuff from InfraWorks and bring it into Revit, but the materials do not transfer. I really want to maintain a single source of project modelling data (Revit), but there just isn't that ability. It's Autodesk's fault. NavisWorks and FormIt aren't any better. 3dsmax would act as a good container, but it is a separate program that is difficult to master unless you use it 24/7. That's why I don't want Enscape to divert focus from improving the program for the users it has.

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    Added your further votes. hughy , welcome to our Forum! I'm afraid though, with 3.0 there will no 3DS Max support be for now. Perhaps in the future, your upvote is being counted as well of course!

  • It would be nice if a plugin came out to export the model from 3dsmax to rhino in order to facilitate the workflow between the two software while waiting to have enscape for 3dsmax.

  • Just wanted to chime in on this topic and offer some thoughts to those that have built up large libraries of 3DS Max assets.

    Today (finally) I got around to using the Enscape Custom Asset tools and I converted some decade old 3DS Max models for use within Revit as Enscape assets. Great work on these tools! A little work and troubleshooting with units conversions as we were probably mis-using the scene units in 3DS Max all those years ago. I also had some normals issues on one of the models I was testing with FBX format, but was able to get it resolved by going to OBJ format and some tweaks to the OBJ surface export settings. All that to say that it worked very well for me and I am excited by the possibilities it opens up to us!

    In this way you can use your 3DS Max content inside of other applications if you are rendering with Enscape. In conjunction with the "Link Revit family to asset" functionality this could be extremely powerful for some users who cannot comfortably create the forms needed within Revit. I was creating families for an optometrist office several months ago and I would have had a much easier time creating those models in 3DS Max...I should have explored this functionality earlier.

    If you are unfamiliar with these tools, this documentation covers it well:


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    + 1, please make enscape plugins for 3ds max

    Forwarded your feedback - for now, please don't hold your breath as there aren't really any concrete plans to add such support anytime soon. The major reason is that we want to first support our existing supported CAD solutions as best as possible. As in, finetune those implementations until we're completely satisfied so to speak, then we can consider adding support for other additional software.

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    +1, Limited by Sketch Up software and also hardware VRAM at the moment. But one day when hardware catches up, I would hope to return to 3DS Max. Sketch up is just not meant for visualization.

    Forwarded your Feedback, thank you!

  • +1...having Enscape for max would be awesome and speed up my workflow. Also a Max 2022 and corona user, but the speed of creating animations in Enscape forces me to work in skp which slows me down. You have it for Revit why not port it out for Max. Both Autodesk apps. And you would definitely take a bit out of Chaosgroup's marker share.