Light through fabric

  • I am trying to create a sheer curtain material in Enscape (version for Rhino 6 and unable to achieve the results I'm hoping for. See the image from my test file below for where its currently at, the color of the curtain in each instace is solid white. Adjusting the transparency over 5% causes any material to turn a weird translucent grey (right curtain) so I used a solid grey color transparency mask which seems to have a different and better effect (middle curtain). Adding "leaf" to the material name also helps (left curtain) but it still doesn't allow light to pass through the material and cast shadows on the floor. Do you have any suggestions on how to get light to pass though this material?

  • Lewis Williams - Emissive and artificial lights currently do not work with alpha surfaces, and the 'leaf' keyword is the only solution to get as close as possible to the result you are after at the present time. As you have already found out, the light will pass through, but shadows are not cast and the transparent material is not affected by artificial lights.

  • Lewis Williams - in regards to a situation where no artificial lights are being used, there is unfortunately no current solution between the two (far left and far right) examples that you provide. A curtain would cast a shadow in real life, although it may be somewhat more subtle in its intensity as is being seen in Enscape.