Independent view while VR is active

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  • Is there a way to have a computer screen display the Enscape model independently while the VR headset is being used?

    For example, a user would be exploring using a VR headset. On a projector screen, I would like to display a rendered scene from the same location as where the VR headset is located, however the view would not move if the VR user tilts their head. The rendered scene on the projector will be controlled independently of the VR headset, using the computer mouse to look around. It would be great if the projector would show what the VR user is seeing, such as the pointer laser, and HTC Vive wands, etc. And vice versa: the VR user could use the computer user's cursor.

    It is similar to having multiple users in the same VR model, however one user is using a screen, mouse and keyboard.

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    Hello rsn , thank you for this feedback, as well!

    At the moment your request is not possible due to the sheer amount of rendering capacity necessary for this. While VR display alone demands a lot more rendering capacity than regular monitor display, what you request would mean for your graphics card to do both independently at the same time.

    At the moment, this would lead to severe stuttering, but I'll file your request nevertheless, this limitation will not be as pressing anymore in the future.

    Please let me know in case there's anything else we may assist you with!

  • If you need to apply model updates in realtime during the presentation, in theory you could use a workshared Revit file and 2 capable computers with all the necessary programs. Then it would simply be a matter of syncing changes to the model as they are made across the network.

    If you do not need to apply model updates in realtime during the presentation, you could use 2 capable computers and the standalone exe export.