Mirrors and reflections in Web Standalone

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    Hey JoaoCosta , you're right, our Web Standalones are currently equivalent to the "Draft" mode when it comes to its overall rendering quality, which is also why reflections are highly simplified. :)

  • Thanks for your reply, it creates a very odd situation when you have a mirror as you can't really tell if you're looking at a mirror or a window...

    Hopefully you can improve it soon, if not my advise would be to render the mirror surface as a different material, like copper for example...

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    JoaoCosta , just to make sure, copper with reflections so that the surface is not being mistaken for a window? ;)

    Also, please be aware that WebGL has some technical limitations in general. For example, real-time reflections would come for a high price performance wise since it's not easy to implement them efficiently with this particular engine suited for browsers. Still, this is something we're looking to improve in the future. :)