Test scene(s)?

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  • Has anyone created a test scene?

    I know of several areas of improvement that many users would like to see addressed for which a test scene(s) could be created to evaluate. This way we could effectively compare the difference between versions.

    Also, since enscape is realtime there are obviously tradeoffs being made and sometime this means a step back in quality for certain types of details. A test scene that is widely used and posted would provide valuable consistent feedback about each version.

    If these do not yet exist, I nominate Micha ^^

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    Thanks for your request renderwiz , if you haven't already, feel free to check out free sample projects which you can acquire here:


    The majority is only available for Revit so far, but on the bottom you'll also find a dedicated SketchUp example project. :) We also plan to release more sample projects in the future, which should further assist you in your testing purposes. There is no ETA just yet, but they'll be made available eventually once they're finished! :)

  • Demian Gutberlet I appreciate your input, however I am thinking of something much more abstract and analytical. Similar to what is done for comparing digital cameras or demonstrating the effect of different HDR's. It would include a variety of types of detail geometry at different scales, light source types (some with indirect lighting) and probably would need to be both an interior and exterior version.

    The viewpoint should be fixed between tests so that one would be able to run through the images as a slideshow and compare differences.

  • I think a single scene could be nice, where all effects can be seen, also effects, that are not right working yet - for example curtains, where the 2-sided effect is working for the sun light only or a cube grass object, where the upper side shows the grass only. Or the limited effects of glass and mirrors. Over the time, the effects should be looking better and better.

    An other effect that should be shown at the test could show the limits of transparency. For example it's not possible to get a noise free semi transparent curtain by the usage of an opacity map. Also grey scale opacity doesn't work - a simple gradient could show it. And transparency of emitters is quite limited too.

    Or there could be a colored glass window with black shadow.

    Also, I think, a test scene like this could be a fair example for beginners, which effects can be expected and what doesn't work. So, for example, every few weeks people ask, why something is missing at reflections. The test scene could show anything in one image - the beauty of working effects and the limits.

    But I'm not sure the Enscape team will be happy about a test scene like this or? ;)

  • As well as those it would also need to include:

    - water and glass/water combos... and multiple layers of glazing.

    - foliage/grass at various heights/variations

    - mirrors with various things in the reflection at various distances.

    - each of the light emitting shapes

    - small objects on walls for halo/shadow inconsistencies

    - shadows of objects at angles for jaggy aliasing

    ... and needs to be the same scene for all platforms as well so that (eg) you can see any difference between SU & Rhino

    Thinking on it, it's almost impossible; I save views with models and record the camera settings for each view so I can go back and reproduce any scene previously rendered. This is the only way I can think on it working - unfortunately accidental adjustments to the time of day, brightness, contrast, FOV, etc... can have an impact on the scene which is easy to attribute to an update of the software.

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    Thank you for all the additional feedback! :) As mentioned, there'll be more sample projects in the near future, so I'll forward all your dedicated replies accordingly regarding what you'd like to see implemented in them exactly. Thanks a lot again for sharing your thoughts on this subject.

  • ...this is a really good project here :thumbup::thumbup: and besides comparing the different platforms, their performances and qualities, as a side effect, I'm curious if we will be abel to produce any identical render output in the sense of congruent images ;):) because that's still a mystery to me ;)

  • We use this scene for QA purposes. It's small but contains all the different material types. Also note the upcoming red car paint...

  • ... carpaint - cool !! :) and good and and sufficient to use a small test scene!

    however I think a second small exterior test scene is necessary, not least of all

    because to observe also the incorrect shadow calculations ...

  • ... and a box frame on the smooth wall to test the problem with small objects and shadows.

    ... and a 45º wall to highlight the anti-aliasing shadows

    ... and replace the palm with a taller, leafy tree to make sure that the blotchy shadows it casts are OK

  • Thanks for sharing. Yes that is the type of thing I am talking about.... possibly even more abstracted. Are you guys using a locked camera so you can flip between images created by different versions of Enscape?

    The more idiosyncrasies that can be stuffed into on view the better.

    I have not had time to put something together, but when I do I would like to share the scene so that others can test with it. This way we can not only determine difference between Enscape versions but also possibly between Nvidia drivers, system types, etc. It can be very helpful as well when a new user sees something odd that is a known issue to be able to load up a test scene like this and see that his results are actually normal, not something wrong with his system.