• Hello Fernando Lino , great to hear you enjoy using our plugin!

    Since, as a user, you can always switch to FlyMode by pressing the Space bar and thus freely fly through any obstacles, there's no way to place a 'wall' in Enscape to prevent users to enter a specific area.

    However, using Section Boxes in Revit or Section Planes in SketchUp, you can easily define what should be extracted from your scene, and what not. This way, if you want to present for example one floor from a larger building, you only need to display that portion in Enscape.

    I hope this answer is helpful to you? Please let me know in case this is not applicable for your case.

  • Hi Kaj,

    what I was thinking is even if you export a lot of geometry and landscaping around the project if one can create an invisible box to define the space where you could move around....if you are flying only you could fly up to the height of the box that you defined previously. The same way if you are walking.



  • Hello Fernando Lino ,

    thank you very much for the clarification. I have filed your question as a feature request for our developers! Don't hesitate to contact us again if there's any further questions or ideas on how to further improve Enscape!