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  • Is it possible to give/make a script for "asset creation" (could be accompanied with a small tutorial...)? :)

    Created components/assets then could also be uploaded by users to your cloud (?) - and you could instantly have an "ever widening library" of assets. 8o
    From time to time someone of your stuff can control it, and upgrade or delete it from the library... depending on your quality standards, or so. =O

    I believe this would give you/us an additional boost to your genial render engine...

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    Hey milos.komlenic , thanks a lot for your inquiry.

    The ability to upload your own created assets to our library is a topic already on our agenda since a few have asked for this before! :) Should this be implemented, we can also create (a) corresponding tutorial(s) for it.

    I've gladly added your feedback to the feature request, your upvote has already been added before through this thread! Let me know in case there is anything else you want to add.

  • Why not already start with using ENSCAPE_ASSET as a keyword in the asset library already.

    I'm new to sketchup, it would be interesting if there was a tutorial or maybe rules and quality standards...

    I'm f.e. used to work with layers within CAD environment, however, in sketchup i tend to use only layer '0'. i import blocks from cad to sketchup so they become components and i can distinguish them as different elements and add different materials.