Embed additional textures

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  • Hi to the Enscape devs team!

    One simple question: is it somehow possible to "embed" an additional texture to the sketchup file?

    I'm setting up a whole bunch of models which other colleagues will use to model stands, and which will be rendered with the marvelous Enscape.

    So, I'm also setting up all the materials so that when they hit the render button they won't have to fiddle with parameters, but nonetheless get cool renderings. For basic plain materials I have no issues: the albedo map is the sketchup one, I can set image fade and roughness and that's cool. BUT. When I need to simply have a specific bump map (or any other additional maps), I have now to use the same texture as albedo map; the option is also to specify a path, and this is very useful for personal use but not so much working with colleagues who can be anywhere in the world and may need to render.

    So I'm asking if it's possible to tell Enscape to use another SU material's texture as the bump map.

    Or, maybe cooler, if it's possible to have an enscape option to ask the user if he wants the additional texture he just selected to be "embedded" in the file, so that if he shares the model it doesn't get lost.

    Thank you very much!

  • pibuz Thanks for your feedback!

    Why do you want to use a different SU material as bump?

    We want to come up with a better collaboration functionality in general.

  • Hi Jon!

    As i tried to explain, the reason is mainly for model sharing purposes. If I can link an additional texture to another SU material, I can make the additional texture available to all the user who share that model, since the additional (say bump) texture goes always within that sketchup model.

    If i link the additional texture to a specific path (external to sketchup) that path would probably not be available to all the users I share the model to, and the bump, roughness, reflection maps would get lost.

    I'm basically looking for a solution to embed in a sketchup model ALL the textures, not only albedo.

    Would be interesting if Enscape could somehow store the additional textures in a way, I don't know how. :)

    Thanks for your answer!

  • Why do you want to use a different SU material as bump?

    I use different materials for bumps all the time:

    - flat colour with a 'noise' bump for render finishes

    - coloured/patterned tiles with a bump for the grout

    - wooden flooring with colour deviations and a different bump for grain and plank delineation

    - leaves with a vein bump and variegated foliage

    ... etc.