Asset Library not working

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  • Hi,

    Very new to ArchiCAD and Enscape, so bear with me :)

    I have loaded one item from the asset library into ArchiCAD. This works fine and have had no issues, however I have had no luck adding any other objects from the asset library. I can open the asset library, pick and place and item - but this is when the item simply doesn't show up in the model. Is there any reason why this would be happening?

    I also had a question on managing lighting. Is there a 'for dummies' guide on this somewhere in the wide world of the internet? Looking for something ArchiCAD specific that uses the 'out of the box' library parts. I'm finding the lighting I put in washes out the scene, no matter what settings I change. Thanks!

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    Hey georgia.p , welcome to our forum, I'm sorry to hear about this problem.

    Since I've not been able to faithfully reproduce this problem you've been experiencing, could you please let me know the following:

    - Please make sure you're using our latest release. Is this issue reproducible with our latest version?

    - Any specific asset which is always being displayed maybe?

    - Which version of ArchiCAD are you using exactly?

    - Could you please provide me with a screenshot of this problem? Alternatively, you can of course also send me a video.

    Thanks a lot in advance. :)

    Further, there is no ArchiCAD - Enscape guide regarding lighting yet. We plan to release a lot more tutorial videos in the future to target these areas and we know that there is demand for them as well. Maybe you could also send me a screenshot of the scene which seems washed out? In addition to that, you can also gladly send me the project of yours and let me know what you're trying to achieve lighting-wise and I can setup the scene accordingly. :)

  • We are having the same problem here. I am working with enscape 2.5 and archicad 22 in teamwork. I added a few enscape trees serveral weeks ago, but i can no longer add assets now. Thinh's workaround does work for me, but it is not ideal.

  • Mee tooo...

    Thinking I was loosing my mind! You can select from asset library... and click to place in 3d window, but nothing appears.

    Originally I thought they may just be going to a layer that was off, but if I UNDO, archicad undoes the previous edit (before 'placing' an asset)… like the asset placement never happened.

    I'm using 2.5 RELEASE version... If you can tell me what your call the 2.5 preview update is really a RELEASE version, I'll update.

    But typically preview versions are not optimized... so everything gets slower (and buggier)...

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    georgia.p , thinhpham , matthewbolton , DGD-Duane , we're currently busy with finding the cause behind this issue, so it would be very helpful if you could kindly send in a dedicated feedback report as described here! Please also add your forum name or the title of this thread in the submission from so that we can easily connect the data.

    On top of that, it would be fantastic if you could also send the/a project alongside with which the asset placement is not working. You can simply add the link to download the project in the feedback report itself! The project can be, for example, uploaded to wetransfer, or anywhere you like. :)

    Also, DGD-Duane , the preview version should not help with this I'm afraid, since we did not include any fixes regarding this behavior yet.

    Thank you so much in advance for your cooperation!

  • Not sure if the others are the same, but I can tell you this happened to two different files (both previously used with Enscape)…

    They are BOTH Teamworked projects as well.

    When I did the WORKAROUND, I created a new SOLO project..

    Not sure if that means anything to the answer...

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    DGD-Duane , could you kindly send in feedback as described along with one of the projects? That would be very helpful since we cannot reproduce this behavior just yet.

  • I'll send a report with the feedback button. I found out today if i use 'reserve all' function in teamwork, then i am able to place assets normally. So it seems like there is a problem with the teamwork function and enscape asset placement. Unfortunately i cannot send out the file i am working on, but if i find some extra time i can see if i can reproduce the issue in a new project file.

  • Hi DGD-Duane  Joost Kors @matthewbolton  georgia.p

    I've been able to reproduce this issue. So I can now take a closer at what's happening and fix the behaviour. I can't give you a timeline on when I've been able to fix this as I've just now been able to reproduce this, but I just wanted to inform you that we're now working on a fix for this.

  • To everyone having this issue:

    When placing Assets please ensure that you have reserved the Embedded Enscape Assets library.

    You can do this by:

    • Click "File" in the menu bar
    • Hover over "Libraries and Objects"
    • Click "Library Manager..."
    • Choose tab "Embedded Library"
    • Click "Enscape Assets" in the "Embedded Library" hierarchy
    • Click "Reserve"

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    I also facing same situation when i tried to set my asset library is not working also it shows an error, so i want a solution how to remove this error as soon as possible.

    lizabrown001 , welcome to our forum and thanks for your report. :)

    Could you briefly elaborate a bit further on what you're referring to with "is not working" exactly? Is this behavior related to this specific thread, or can you maybe simply not use our library due to connection problems? If it's the first, kindly try the short guide provided by Arne above.

    If you experience connection issues, maybe Enscape could not connect to our Asset Library server.

    Provided that you've had access to the internet at the time this issue occurred, I assume that you probably connect to the internet via a proxy server?

    In that case, you'll might need to configure your proxy settings. You can do that in Enscape by clicking the [About] button in the Enscape ribbon -> [Configure Proxy].

    Please ask your administrator what to fill into these fields.

    If, however, you're not connected to a proxy server, another possibility is that your firewall is blocking Enscape from connecting to our Asset Library server. Please set the following URL exceptions, that are for connection to the Enscape Asset Library, Web Standalone, Panoramas, and Feedback services, to listen on port ‘443‘ with protocol set to TCP (http and https):






    Thank you in advance for any further replies.

    Also, I'm not sure if the Epson error message is connected to Enscape, I suppose not, but it could indicate that doing the above could very well help with your problem.