Asset Library not working

  • Hi,

    Very new to ArchiCAD and Enscape, so bear with me :)

    I have loaded one item from the asset library into ArchiCAD. This works fine and have had no issues, however I have had no luck adding any other objects from the asset library. I can open the asset library, pick and place and item - but this is when the item simply doesn't show up in the model. Is there any reason why this would be happening?

    I also had a question on managing lighting. Is there a 'for dummies' guide on this somewhere in the wide world of the internet? Looking for something ArchiCAD specific that uses the 'out of the box' library parts. I'm finding the lighting I put in washes out the scene, no matter what settings I change. Thanks!

  • Hey georgia.p , welcome to our forum, I'm sorry to hear about this problem.

    Since I've not been able to faithfully reproduce this problem you've been experiencing, could you please let me know the following:

    - Please make sure you're using our latest release. Is this issue reproducible with our latest version?

    - Any specific asset which is always being displayed maybe?

    - Which version of ArchiCAD are you using exactly?

    - Could you please provide me with a screenshot of this problem? Alternatively, you can of course also send me a video.

    Thanks a lot in advance. :)

    Further, there is no ArchiCAD - Enscape guide regarding lighting yet. We plan to release a lot more tutorial videos in the future to target these areas and we know that there is demand for them as well. Maybe you could also send me a screenshot of the scene which seems washed out? In addition to that, you can also gladly send me the project of yours and let me know what you're trying to achieve lighting-wise and I can setup the scene accordingly. :)

  • Hi,

    I also have the same issue. However, I just find another way to do it.

    You have to open blank (new) Archicad and then place them all in there. Then you can copy it to your current project space.

    It works for me now.

    Hope this is helpful for you.