Render Style Preset++ I Export objects with png I Background Chroma

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  • - Could be Helpful for creative Render, Having ++Presets-Style like Hologram - Wire - Ambient Occlusion & Neon in Colors

    - Need to export my #Models #Without background #PNG

    - Export Videos Background for #Models with Chroma GREEN+BLUE would be helpful for creative Presentation and save time for Editing

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    Hey Lemarchal , thank you very much for your inquiry. ;)

    First off, while I can see how a corresponding "Hologram - Wire - Ambient Occlusion" preset should look like, what do you imagine under "Neon in Colors", maybe you can provide me with a picture or similar for better understanding? Afterward I'll gladly file this as a feature request.

    Also, regarding the ability to export renderings without background, kindly check out our "White Background" functionality which you can activate in the Atmosphere tab of our Enscape Settings. Alternatively, you may also want to make use of our "Export Material-ID and Depth Channel" feature which you can activate in the Capture tab. When you do that, the background (sky) in the Material-ID layer will always be black, so that may be very useful for post processing your images. If I'm missing something, or in case you'd like to see something implemented alongside, kindly let me know.

    Finally, when it comes to your last request, you can already import a Green/Blue Skybox as background. In this case, just create a corresponding green or blue image file with the right resolution ratio as described the corresponding dedicated knowledgebase article here, and load it into Enscape (through "Load Skybox from File"). But, the ability to just select a background color (instead of only white) has been requested before, so I'll happily add your voice in form of a further upvote to the topic. ;)