Custom 3D Models?

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  • I'm new to the AEC world, I've mostly worked in game industry. So I'm comfortable modeling in programs like Maya and Modo.

    I've really struggled finding a way to get my own models into Revit. I know the feature to import your own models into the asset library is on the Dev agenda but in the meantime...

    Does anyone know a good workflow for this?

    Thanks in Advance!


  • Very -very- difficult topic I'm afraid.

    If they are perfectly solid, you can try exporting to .sat and importing it through dynamo to a freeform. That gives you 'real' revit geometry that can have a material assigned through a parameter etc.

    Edit: it's going to be a huge gamechanger once we have custom assets for Enscape

  • Thanks for the help Pieter!

    I'll give that a shot. Do you think that would maintain smoothing groups as well? Because I figured out I could import an older .skp file which is great but the mesh is faceted.

    I'm curious how the asset library content works because those all look like standard game quality models.

    But I agree, if we can take advantage of fbx, and obj models. Damn that's going to open up a lot of possibilities.

  • No smoothing groups no. The only way that would work if you modeled your object with nurbs, but that's pretty rare. If the mesh if fine enough it will render fine in enscape, even without the smoothing groups, but Revit slows down a lot with detailed meshes. It's really not build for that kind of stuff.

    The Enscape assets are two part: the proxy that is placed in the project, and the actual geometry that is only loaded into Enscape.