Web Standalone - materials

  • Enscape Team,

    Amazing work once again with this update! I love the many new features and I'm going to start sending Web Standalones to clients. Two quick questions for you, one, is there any chance higher resolution materials could one day be included for the web standalone? I'm sure that's no small ask, but you can see how I use materials for signage in the attached files and there's a pretty noticeable difference for the web version. The other quick question, any idea why I'm losing all of the red taillights for my vehicles? I'm thinking it may have to do with the fact that the red is behind a transparent cover? This is common to all of the vehicles in the model. Happy to send you a copy of the model for testing if you'd like.

    Thank you -

    Aaron Marr

  • Hey amarr , thanks a lot for your post. :)

    The web standalone will always have some limitations due to the nature of WebGL, but, I'll gladly file your wish to have higher-res textures in them as a dedicated feature request! This way our developers will be aware that there is demand for this particular implementation. :)

    Furthermore, you can happily briefly send me a copy of the project so that I can give you a faithful response regarding why the tail-lights are not red. :)

    Thank you very much in advance!