Panorama turns black in the Upload Manager

  • Hey Bettine , thanks a lot for your post and welcome to our forum.

    First off, are you using our latest release? If you're not on our latest version, could you please try to reproduce this behavior again after updating? :) Thank you very much.

    Furthermore, when you open the panorama in a browser (after the upload to our cloud is finished) it displays just fine, correct? Also, just to make sure, any chance the hard-drive to which the panoramas are being saved is almost full?

    In addition, when you set the Resolution of your Panorama to "Low" (via the the Capture tab of Enscape) and create a panorama again is this issue still persisting?

    Also, would you be so kind as to send me a screenshot of your open "upload manager" window, so that I can also directly see this behavior? It would, finally, also be very helpful if you could send in some feedback for further troubleshooting purposes.

    Again, thanks a lot in advance!