Decals and some materials missing in web standalone export

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  • Hello All,

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this; and if you have... did you find a solution you'd like to share?

    I am using the latest version of Revit, Enscape, and Chrome.

    When I create a web standalone export; all the decals are missing and at least one material is missing.

    The said missing items are all present when creating renderings, panoramas, and exe standalone.

    The issue is just the web standalone.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    desiign , thanks a lot for your post.

    Decals are not supported in our Web Standalones yet, but support for them is planned to be implemented with our next release Enscape 2.5. :)

    Furthermore, could you give me a few more details regarding which materials are missing? You can of course also gladly send me the initial project itself so that I can directly give you an answer regarding why they are missing and check if there may be any issues involved which have to be forwarded to our developers.

    Otherwise, please be so very kind as to send me a screenshot of the material(s) (from the material appearance tab in Revit) and a further screenshot or multiple from the Web Standalone through which I can see them being missing. Of course you can also send the link to the Web Standalone.