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  • The panoramas work very well and I like being able to upload to the cloud, copy the link address, email a client the link, and they can view it. How could I have the panorama show up in a website, for instance as a post on LinkedIn or in a marketing site and not have to follow the link? When I paste the link into the post, it creates a link to the Enscape viewing site. That is, within the post, I want to view the panorama without leaving that page. (sorry to use the word "link" so much). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    JSC , while you can actually host our panoramas on your own webspace (see very down below here under "For Software Developers"), I'm afraid, as far as I know LinkedIn does not support the display of panoramas.

    When it comes to "marketing site", could you further elaborate on that? :) Which site(s) do you mean exactly?

  • Hello Demian - Thank you for your notes. By marketing site, I mean the property developer of the project is building a website to market buildings which aren't yet built. I'd like to provide them with panoramas then can use on their website and perhaps the article you mentioned "For Software Developers" will help me with that.

  • JSC - you can put the Web Export into an iframe.

    If you use the following html/script: