Material Properties - Degree of Reflection

  • Hi All - I haven´t yet understood a principle of material properties and am looking forward to any help and explanation ;)

    First I show an example picture of what I try to achieve: The shown street is wet (so already shiny), but the puddles on the street should become shining or mirroring much much more.

    Scenario 1 (below) is a common simple textured Albedo material. It is a wooden floor for example, which should already have a little amount of reflection for itself.

    Scenario 2 (below) is the same albedo material, but supplemented by a roughness-map. The goal is to have spots on the floor, which should shine or reflect much more (like puddles on a street which itself is a little wet already ). This works very well and as expected but: The Albedo floor now can't retain its own little shinyness and the material window doesn't allow to keep this Albedo setting. Surprisingly there is only a Metallic controller left now, which is confusing for me as I don't intend anything with metallic but only with shinyness.

    Probably I am just missing something only and as I said, I am happy about any clarification or help about what or how is to go on here - Thanks in advance :!::)

  • This might help:

    Flat texture - just as a SU material with a texture image

    Bump - Albedo colour faded to 50% (flatten the contrast in the wood grain) and bump map loaded, set to a height of 2 (If I use albedo then the flattening of the contrast also flattens the bump; the bump is the same texture converted to greyscale with an increased contrast.)

    Roughness - Bump reduced to 0.5 and reflection taken down to 20% (This is what I do most of the time)

    Reflection - Bump removed and a 'wet' reflection map added.

  • thanks Gadget :thumbup: for the accurate presentation of your settings and the providing of this material :)
    Nevertheless, the problem in question remains. Instead of improving the material as a whole with Your "Wet"-Map, the improvement and change only takes place here now. However, all other areas lose quality because they completely lose their shine and can only be dull now. How much nicer it would be if your wooden floor would continue to shine overall - despite the wet stains which shine even more then. This unpleasant and even wrong restriction on the part of Enskapes material editor is not comprehensible...

  • :/ I don´t know ;) but I assume that a stronger contrast of a Reflection-Map may increase a desired effect.
    Anyway, I don't understand Enscape´s Material-Editor concept here that the used albedo texture can't keep its own desired basic shininess?