Enscape refresh SU hide/unhide objects between scenes

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  • Hi, however I'm not a SU user (more Revit), I have a question from our design team: in our models we have scenes, interior (with ceiling unhided/layer on) and birdseye view (with ceiling hided/layer off). The question is that Enscape does not follow the hide/unhide state if we are switching between scenes -> only when I make a SU command, for instance move from another object a little the scene does refresh and pic up the state of the hide/unhide - layer on/off ceiling.... What do I do wrong?

    Tnx, Remco

  • Hello RemcoNL , hello EarthMover ,

    indeed, Enscape doesn't support switching Layers / Visibility based on Scene transitions at the moment. We're aware of this and are looking forward to resolving it as soon as possible!

  • Just a note on this topic, this applies also to scene states of section planes that are turned on/off by layer.

    A workaround we have found is to just click the play button again on the enscape toolbar.

  • vertigo1 Can you tell me how to turn section planes on/off by layer in SketchUp (no Enscape involved). I can't reproduce this - only able to show/hide the plane, but the part that is cut by the section plane is always hidden in SketchUp. Also you can't mean the toggle in the menu "View->Section Cuts", because then using the Enscape play button would not help. If you can provide me with a test project, that would be great. Thanks.