Tutorial video in portuguese!

  • Thks man! Im improving bit by bit i have some sugestions to this wonderfull program too.

    Like , export to a app on android or Ios to send the files to the client, support of animations gifs to make Tvs more realistic or fireplaces like , animated people and trees, animals objects if a come with more i tell

  • maisprojeto What exactly should be exported to an app?

    • You already can share single panos or link them in a 3rd party tool.
    • You can upload a web standalone and share the link

    Animated textures and objects got your upvote. But is a quite complex topic which hasn't the highest prio right now as our main usage is as design workflow tool.

  • Well Jonathan Knoefel i m new in use of this software, and i cant tell if i explore all forms of export things, but here my point.

    I cant send the link of a model to a client and he open in his mobile phone or install on mobiles O.S. To me this is a workflow need because the faster my client's response, the more accurate my project will be, I like to involve the client as much as possible in the process.Do you have a suggestion to do this with current tools?

    Thks for the response i aprecciate so much the software in my city im a pioneer user.