Reset Sun Offset in Enscape Window

  • Is there a way to reset the sun offset in the Enscape window to default? I see the Home key resets changes made since opening but it doesn't go back to default (without offset).

    I changed my sun location, it saved and now I would like it back to default.

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Thank you for the reply. I am using that feature. But you can also press Ctrl-U and Ctrl-I to adjust the sun in Enscape. Let's call this the "Enscape Sun Offset" since it only offsets the sun settings in sketchup. It does not change the sun settings in sketchup.

    The thread linked below mentions adding a feature to save the Enscape Sun Offset when saving the skp file.

    Using Shift+U/I or Ctrl+U/I to adjust the angle of sunlight can not be saved.

    Since it now saves, I cannot find a way to reset the Enscape Sun Offset back to no offset. The Home key resets changes back to when you opened the file.

    The 2nd post in the thread above also mentions that saving the Enscape Sun Offset may cause some confusion since the sun no longer matches what is set in Sketchup. Which is the problem I'm running into.

    Could you add a way to reset Enscape Sun Offset to the default please? So the Enscape window matches the sun position in Sketchup again.