"Face me" exposure components problem

  • "Face me" components do not always, in every position, have proper contrast/exposure. I believe the problem lies in its "dual" nature - they turn towards sun (for shadows), and towards the spectator (for appearance). This results in "half good color appearance - half bad appearance of a subject in the scene.

    ..is this "a regular thing", or it comes up to my ATI RADEON (not NVIDIA) card issue?
    or this "imperfectness" will be solved, by the time? :-)

  • Hey milos.komlenic , due to the nature of billboards they do throw shadows onto themselves in Enscape, but we are aware of this behavior and this should be resolved in one of our upcoming versions of Enscape, but I cannot tell you when exactly yet I'm afraid.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions! :)