Masses, Mass Floors & Materials

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  • Anyone who uses Masses w/ mass floors will know that it's easy to show (or not show) mass floors, in (Revit) views - using VG/VT on/off - enabling the production of 3D views, parallel and/or perspective either showing the mass only, or the mass with the storey-strata. Simples.

    The thing is, when we send the same to Enscape, Enscape (quite rightly) struggles to show edge of mass floor - through the material appearance of the mass form - only occasionally, almost erratically, letting them show-through when very close - meaning we don't get to see the "stack" of floor plates.

    Yes, we can use a slightly transparent/translucent material for the mass form - but that's (sometimes/often) not ideal either.

    So I was curious if anyone else had found a method (for Enscape) that works...?