Light intensity?

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    Thanks a lot for your inquiry Bogdan , the Intensity slider should actually change the light intensity in Enscape accordingly.

    Could you please make sure that:

    - Enscape is up to date (Check out the FAQ here)

    - Rhino is up to date (Context menu point "Help" -> "Check for Updates...")

    Does this help with resolving this problem at hand?

    General tip if you weren't aware already: You can also type in "Lights" in the Command line in Rhino, which opens a separate window through which you can also individually set the Intensity of your lights.

    Thanks a lot in advance! :)

  • Bogdan

    Just to clarify what Demian has written above.

    The light slider in Enscape does control all the lights at once, but the initial intensity of each light can be set in Rhino.

    For instance,, if you have two lights in Rhino, you can set the initial intensity of one light to 100, and the other light to 100, and the Enscape slider will adjust both lights respective to the initial value that is set in Rhino.

    I hop that makes that slightly clearer.