Camera shift and modify horizon z-axe

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    Hey Jorgensen , please be so very kind as to further elaborate on this subject in case I'm missing something, but have you tried to use "Q" and "E" on your keyboard already? :)

    This moves the camera downwards and upwards while in FlyMode. Also, with black border you probably mean the bottom of our "Clear" horizon Preset?

    Again, kindly elaborate your inquiry a bit further in case I'm missing anything. Thanks a lot in advance! :)

  • Hi Demain

    I'm not sure how to exactly explain the camera shift function, but in other 3d software you can use this to move the whole image so you eg. get more of the sky in the image - and this does not move the camera nor the camera target - i guess others can explain it better how it's done :)

    but the aim is to be flexible to how much sky and ground you have in the image - and while i write this, it just came to my mind that i might could achieve this by activate the "achitectural two-point perspective" and just "lean back" - and i have just testet - and it seems to do what the shift function normally do - so i've found a solution :) but the dark horizon is still an issue.

  • Jorgensen We provide you a white horizon as well. You'll find it in the Atmosphere tab -> Horizon -> Preset -> White Ground.

  • Jorgensen We provide you a white horizon as well. You'll find it in the Atmosphere tab -> Horizon -> Preset -> White Ground.

    Hi Jonathan Knoefel I know of the white ground - it's been there for a long time, but...........

    It's not white - but gray - like seen the attached image. I have pointed that out along ago and was told - as I remember it - it had something to do with realistic lightning. But sometimes I just don't want a horizon, so beeing able to rotate the hdri would solve the problem, or being able to adjust the brightness of the ground.

    Sorry if I have overlooked some settings :)


  • what Jorgensen means :thumbup: is the adjustability of the Ground-Altitude - and yes, there are some renderers out there (most of them) that make this possible, much to the benefit of the render results ;) (this setting has nothing to do with Enscape´s Camera Shift, which can't compensate this). In addition and if desired, these tools also allow you to customize the ground color.

    (the example below shows this at the example of Render[In], which is Abvent´s little "SkUp plugin sister" of ArtLantis Render Studio)
    By the way - the "sunken" horizon, "deep to the center of the earth" ;), is already set in my start template - for the same reason Jorgensen demands this.

  • Jorgensen  EGIE Thanks for your explanation. We want to introduce enhanced horizon functionalities in the future especially an adjustable horizon height.