Saving a render vew in a Blueprints!

  • HHello guys!! i was in a meeting with my team, talking about how amazing is the Enscape plugin for Revit, and how powerfull it is for visualization, and somebody ask, if there's is a way to save an screenshot of the render and place it directly on the blueprint? i can insert an image in Revit i know, but what i really want to know is, if we can save the render.

  • hmm, I'm not sure that's what you are asking for ;)

    We also produce a great number of plan and image material. However, we never produce a plan layout in one of our CAD applications, but always in Adobe Indesign. Our main communication medium is the printed plan or the graphics including our rendered pictures as well of course. For this purpose we have a huge effort - both in the quality of the printers, as well as in the adjustment of color management via InDesign. So our prints are always of a high quality and also durable, but whether they are saved this wayor not, I'm not sure ;)
    However, beside the original renderoutput, we store all image data in a lossless Tiff format (if not already rendered so) and in addition we export print quality PDFs out from InDesign. From my point of view, this multiple digital storage is the safest way to store files. To reconstruct a rendering via software seems to be impossible, in any case if you have to think in longer terms. Any software release changes in conjunction with hardware changes can produce a similar new render, but never the same ...

  • yes, you can export images in Revit to a file, or you can select Render in Enscape and save it. You then go to your page layout in Revit and insert the still image on the page. You can render a file in Revit itself and store it as an embedded image, but it increases the project file size substantially.