Enscape Objects Management

  • I work remotely from my office and need to move files back and forth between servers. It would be great if there was a way to do something similar to an autocadd "pack and go" zip file. Also it would be great if a project has lost its object file location you could point it to a folder where it could grab them rather than having to reload each one individually. Additionally once you turn an object into an enscape object it would be great if somehow the layers in that object were still controllable. I have tree components on a "Site_Trees" layer but any of them I turn into enscape objects I can no longer turn off unless I then go and select them again and put them on that layer. Not a big deal but it is one more step. I have run across other instances where it would be good to turn off layers inside an object component. One more idea for objects.. When you purge your model you lose all your objects, it would be great if that did not happen.

  • Hey dvsone1440 , thank you very much for your post! :)

    The ability to generally package proxies together with project files has been requested before a few times, so we are aware of the demand for this implementation, but there is no ETA as to when this will be released yet I'm afraid. There is also a further request on our agenda to also allow relative paths for proxies. I've happily added a further upvote to each corresponding feature request on our agenda through your voice!

    Furthermore, I've also gladly filed a feature request to allow you to define which layers are active/inactive in proxies. Thank you very much for your feedback!

    Finally, pardon but, if you purge your model, as in, remove everything in your project, you still want to have the ability to keep only our proxies? May I ask why this would be useful for you? :) Let me know in case I'm misunderstanding something!

  • Occasionally the model becomes unruly and purging unused components and materials.. Ie things you have had in the model at one time but have subsequently deleted helps reduce file size etc.. So it would be great if you could still do that and not lose your enscape proxies as it seems to see them as unused when you purge and deletes them all.