reflection flicker issue when using vive/steam vr feature

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  • Hi guys,

    new kid on the block, I am having issues with reflections in vr, the Instructions on the website look outdated, checkboxes I am supposed to click on do not exist now (some reprojection features). So i cant fix the issue. Has anyone found a workaround?

    Thank you,


  • stuckon3d I'm sorry to hear that!

    Before I can help you I need some more information:

    • What kind of issues do you experience?
    • Is it occurring in all projects?
    • Which CAD Software are you using?
    • Which version of Enscape are you using?
    • Which information have you checked on our website?
  • I am using sketchup 2017 pro/enscape , and the reflection flickers on water and glass materials when using vive/steamvr system. Using the stand alone exe. And as far as information, i got it from your vr setup page for vive.

    Thank you,


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    Hey stuckon3d , thanks a lot for your further reply.

    Is there any chance you could send over the standalone .exe in question for us to reproduce this issue? Should that not be possible it all, could you send me a short video instead? Also, this problem is not occurring when the standalone is viewed outside VR? :)

  • Hello!

    I'm curious how this got resolved, as we are having the same issue even after applying the newest Enscape update. We are in Revit 2018.3. I've made sure all components are up to date, but we're still having the flickering issue with the glass.

    This is only happening in VR with our Vive.



  • Hi wrgore Is the flickering only visible in the vive or as well in the mirrored output via screen?

    Could you share a screencapture of that flickering?

    Is it occuring only in standalone files as well or only in Enscape itself?

    Please send in feedback via the [Feedback] button in the Enscape ribbon of Revit, so that we receive additional information about possible sources.