VR walkthrough with predestined path

  • Hello,

    After having issue's with elderly users with the HTC Vive controllers there was a request about using the HTC vive only that the clients dont use the controllers to move but to let the program walk a path where you can just watch without having to stand and control. Now my question is if there is a possibility to make a 360 video in SKetchup wich can be played on the HTC Vive.

    In advance with kind regards

  • Hello Heuvelvisualisatie , thank you for your feedback!

    There's no such functionality available in Enscape at this point, but I have filed your question as a feature request for our developers.

    Yet, there's ways to use Revit or SketchUp to move people to a desired location. In Revit, for example, you can use our 3D View Selector to teleport the viewer to a previously set destination in an instance. In SketchUp, you could "Synchronize Views", and, thus, move the user from scene to scene, so they don't have to move themselves.

    However, for this case I recommend to disable "Enable Scene Transitions" in the Animation settings in SketchUp to prevent motion sickness!