Anyone knows how to correctly import Quixel Megascan 3D assets (with texture)? - SOLVED

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  • Recently I subscribed to the Quixel Megascan library mainly because of the beautiful PBR textures.

    I turns out they also have a nice library of textured 3D assets of wich you can download the models (in FBX, OBJ) in combination with the PBR texture files (albedo, displacement map etc.). When importing the FBX or OBJ file into Sketchup (to use with Enscape) I only get the blank model without textures. When I try to map the textures via the Enscape material editor they don't map correctly.

    Does anyone know of a good workflow to get these 3D assets correctly mapped into Sketchup?

  • We have made a tool to do just that :

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    This example shows how it works with V-Ray, but it works the same with Thea and Enscape.

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  • We have made a tool to do just that

    Tried it today. Works very well. Direct export from Megascan Bridge into Transmutr. Then export to Sketchup as Enscape proxy. I really like the face skipped proxy which gives you a good (yet lightweight) representation of the 3D model in Sketchup. Keeps Sketchup smooth and fast while at the same time seeing the detailed model in Enscape. Very happy with this solution.

    Some test results: