Moving Enscape file (and proxies) to new computer

  • Has this feature been added yet?

    I'm afraid not. I'll let you know once I have any news. :)

  • Hi!

    I'm moving all of the dynamic components Enscape-ready I've made in local network to a OneDrive folder, so I have to relink all of the proxies/additional textures..

    +1 for allowing relative and absolute paths to the external links..

    Do you guys have any ETA on this topic?


    make a folder under the rooth of the C: drive, ex;


    Moving this folder between different PC's will auto-relink the proxies

    Demian Gutberlet I do hope this request is soon translated into a beta.

    Any insights or ETA?

  • Thanks... I checked with support. Here is their advice.

    "At the moment, you'd have to always use the same directory on any of the machines on which you would like to have everything linked already... if you move projects, make sure to always use the same folder/folder structure so that everything is linked accordingly from the get go."

    So you can't move proxy files and/or texture files. If you do, you will have to relink stuff.

    I am much more concerned with materials being broken because of textures not being found. There will likely be many more materials that could be affected each with multiple textures that could require being rebuilt manually.

    Proxies seem to be possible to update relatively easily as each proxy is a single entry, but when textures are lost much more work is required in my experience.

    In Sketchup this can mean not only having to relink multiple textures but also reapply UV mapping.

  • No ETA at the moment when we'll implement improvements regarding this subject, I will definitely bring this up again in our next feature request session with the developers, letting them know that this would be rather important to have.

    EDIT: Just got out of the meeting, this is definitely something we want to improve/implement in the future, sooner than later. We know, that the current system is not always ideal.

  • That would be great, thank you!

    In the meantime, it would seem prudent to add the following to the FAQ.

    Q: Will my files render properly if moved from their original folder(s) on my computer?

    A: Not yet, soon this will be added as a feature. For now please leave your project files including all referenced textures and proxies in their original location. If you want to attempt to move them, see the following link for instructions. <Best Practices for Moving Enscape Files - As of 2.8 Preview 4>

  • + 1 for relative paths / proxy manager

    We often work as team on models with lots of self made proxies. And beside storing the models on a fixed path it is really a pain to re-link the proxies.

    There is no way to at list get a list of all proxies used? Right now the only way is to click on the proxies individually?

    A "pack project" option would be nice where all the full geometry proxies get packed in one location.

  • Thank you, I've gladly forwarded your feedback, this is something which is generally coming in an upcoming version, I'll forward your upvote once more as well to make sure our developers are aware of the demand for this.

  • FYI: syncronized cloud solutions a la one drive / sharepoint:

    We are working with sharepoint where synconized folders are stored under the user profile, so even if we syncronize the exact same folder with our asset collection everyone needs to relink proxies.

  • FYI number 2 - we went back to a fixed letter network drive solution. All users use the S: drive to connect to our SketchUp server. This is the only way for the time being to ensure 100% correct links to proxies. As soon as you move stuff things get messed up - obviously....

  • Thanks for the further upvotes which I'll forward. This is definitely a topic I will also further discuss in our next product manager meeting, thanks for the input.

  • + 1 to add this essential feature :)

    I've just reinstalled windows back on my new computer and had to relink all the proxies of all of the projects I wanted to show to my clients.

    And it took me a while lol

  • + 1 to add this essential feature :)

    I've just reinstalled windows back on my new computer and had to relink all the proxies of all of the projects I wanted to show to my clients.

    And it took me a while lol

    Thanks a lot - Your feedback has been forwarded as well.