Enclosed Vestibule Lighting Techniques

  • I am working on a self enclosed vestibule with no windows for natural daylight to light the space. See attachment rendering.

    The attached rendering has just materials, and no lights yet. For the lighting I will have down lights on the center and perimeter cove lighting.

    One of the problems I am encountering at first glance is the cove as shown right now with no light fixture yet, seems to be glowing with light, and the entire scene changes the lighting mood as I move the lighting at different time of the days.

    Can somebody share techniques how to tackle this problem.

    Do I need to disable the sun?

    How can I achieve a more realistic cove lighting and lighting mood for a self enclosed vestibule.


  • I suppose so the hull of the interior is to complex (to much polygons) and is hidden for the GI calculation. Build a low poly box around and it should be better.

    On the other side you could use an interior HDRI as environment at low intensity and you get basic lighting. I used this technic in the past to fill large spaces with some basic light and added spot where needed. So, this side effect of the Enscape GI calculation can be very helpful.

  • In the cases of scenes without natural light I always put the Rhino-sun into midnight position. It provides the constant darkness in Enscape. Then I use the artificial lights to provide the lighting. Such principle gives the total control of light. Because as I remember if you build a box around the geometry, it still doesn't protect from lighting changes when the daytime is being changed.