Looking for tips on how to work with transparent materials.

  • I'm having a great deal of difficulty working with transparent materials. My client wants semi-sheer window shades. It seems the transparency has somewhat to do with the direction of light coming through. In the first attachment, the shades were acceptable on the side wall, but turned black at the back wall. I then tried to adjust the light so the shades on the back wall were over-exposed (thinking I could Photoshop this layer on top). I could get the shades to appear correctly on my screen, but again, when rendered, they turned black. If I make them any more transparent, they disappear.

    Thoughts? Tips? Next Enscape Improvement?

  • Hey dldieterich2 , thanks a lot for your post, sorry to hear about these difficulties.

    The window shades do indeed become darker when they are not directly affected by sunlight, but by shadows in this case. What you could also try is to separately adjust the transparency of the windows which are currently in a shadow, I was successful with this method to achieve a more consistent output after trying it in a test project I created.

    Of course, if you change the time of day again, you'd have to adjust the transparency of the other set of window shades accordingly.

    Please kindly let me know in case this procedure doesn't help in your project!