Perspective light source

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  • I've spent a while tweaking a lighting setting that "just works" without having to adjust sun position. A light source from the perspective of the viewer though, would solve many of my issues. Basically, if we could just say, "pretend I have a high powered flashlight facing the direction I'm looking" and we could adjust the lighting setting on that flashlight, that would be very useful for my use case. I don't use SketchUp for architecture, I use it for event layouts and renderings. So I want to make sure the creative used at the event is very visible, regardless of sun position, and I don't want to spend a lot of time fiddling with lighting for a "perfect" render, since I'm simulating a temporary event, not a permanent building. I know that makes my use case a minority use case, but I think some would still find it helpful. Basically, if I have a poster on a wall and I'm looking at that wall, I want to make sure it's very easy to read that poster.

  • I'm a friend of flash lights too. It's not so beauty like a well arranged light setup, but it add a lot of realism. So, a flash light option at the general options could be a nice addition. It could be used as fill light too and so it could be used to add some imperfection of reality. Here an old example at this post:

    Simple, but power full - turn table output wanted

    An other cool way for quick lighting would be a classic 3-light setup aligned to the camera - light warm main light from left above, light cold fill light from right and neutral key light from behind.

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    Thanks a lot for your feedback amarr and Micha , I've created a corresponding feature request for this topic and added your feedback to it! :)